Wednesday, March 28, 2012

11 languages

A friend of mine was asking me today how many people from how many countries work for NSKN Legendary Games and I was a little bit surprised by his question. And you have to admit, it's quite a peculiar opening line for a conversation.

Digging a little deeper I found out that, after he played Warriors & Traders once, he looked on our website and, just browsing around, he ended up in the downloads section and was shocked.

So, I am asking myself, then asking him, why shocked? Well, as it turns out (and shame on me for not noticing this when we hit 10), the rules of Warriors & Traders are now translated into 11 languages, counting the English original rules.   11 languages!

For out first game, I think we have done pretty well, with room to improve. I personally play almost everything in English, but when I see a game in my native Romanian, even if the translation is not the best, I enjoy it. So, why not let other do the same? I would love it if one day we'll make a game that will be translated in every language of every player. For now I am satisfied with our 11 languages for Warriors & Traders and I feel motivated to cover some more.


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