Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project 7 (III) - the game

They're coming!!! 

It just came to me, I've been asking you to vote for a title, come up with new ideas and I haven't really said anything about the game itself, how does it work, mechanics... anything in fact. What was I thinking ?!

So, now it it time to correct my mistake and one more time ask for you contribution. Just before you'll read about game concepts and mechanics, I want to say giant thank you to all of you who already posted, voted or got involved in any way. 

In short

The map of the game is made by planets surrounding the High Council, the center of the small universe in which the game takes place. The map is  modular, made of hexes.

Snapshot of the central hexes with battle ships
I already introduced the sci-fi theme. In the game, players develop technologies, build space ships, fight for controlling planets with resources, upgrade weapons and shields. The game is turn based, with a fixed number of turns.  

Three tables! The map, green and orange players

The game structure 

- players take their income and pay tax - a progressive tax that gives the less developed players a chance to get back in the game or, at least, enjoy
- the same resources are used for research, building ships, upgrading them and for casting votes in the political step
- the resources harvested from planets are limited, on player's starting planets they may be depleted in the mid or end game!

- step 1: players choose between three political decisions. They can be permanent (laws), temporary (1 turn) or a one-time bonus. All decisions affect everyone, most of them are boosting the game
- step 2: bonus action - one extra action to speed up the game and to help new gamers to keep up with the more experienced ones
- step 3: elections - every turn players choose the turn order. The first player becomes Chancellor, a position with various advantages, including breaking all the ties during voting

- players choose from 5 possible actions. They are: Research (36 technologies, civilian, transport or military), Build Ships (6 types of ships, the more your build, the more expensive it gets), Buy Upgrades (some upgrades need research first, mostly weapons and shields), Trade (exchanges between resources), Mining (re-supply resources on planets)
- 2 Actions + Bonus Action per turn, simultaneous decisions; extra Actions have a cost

Move (x2)
- players move their ships by placing orders next to them. All movement decisions are simultaneous! - by moving ships and population, the players expand their empires

- player get Victory Points by controlling planets, the space around them, being Chancellor, developing technologies and fighting other players and neutral forces

Snapshot of few main components of the game
Maybe this is a bit too technical and dry for some tastes. It's no easy task to summarize 15 pages of rules in a few lines. All I am hoping for is that you got a bit better overview of the game. Also, I hope we'll have a working title soon, even sooner that I anticipated.

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