Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Agnieszka's thoughts on Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary

A few days ago, after travelling to Romania and Poland (you can read more about it here), I finally got back home to Brussels. A few weeks ago I had ordered Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary from T-Cat Productions  directed by Lorien Green and when I entered my home there it was, waiting quietly in the cardboard box, the DVD, the movie I was waiting to see for some time now.

Brand new Going Cardboard DVD

Of course, before I even unpacked I was already tearing the box of my newest gift (I need to explain here: I tend to make gifts to myself, for example board games every week or so, new CD's and DVD's, books... and let's face it - it's expensive, but I believe every woman needs to be spoiled, so I do this on a regular basis). That night I was extremely tired and it was long past midnight. I've decided to watch the movie the next day. "Going Cardboard" also has nice goodies included, which are one Shoot-out game by Reiner Knizia and at least 90 minutes of additional footage, on top of the main movie.

Breakfast at Agnieszka's with Shoot-out 

Early morning next day I've decided to have a breakfast with Shoot-out. Andrei and I had lots of fun while playing it. We discovered another way to play board games! An amazing way of starting a day. As a board game addict, I honestly cannot believe that I did not see that before, playing games at breakfast, with coffee and scrambled eggs and of course another player.  Especially Shoot-out, which is a very simple and entertaining game, served its morning purpose of warming up your brain and getting ready for the day. Wonderful thing! I highly recommend! :meeple:

Coming back to the documentary, I have to say that I did not know what to expect from a movie about board games. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I wanted to buy it and watch it - pure curiosity - what is "Going Cardboard" about? Of course, the most obvious answer would be board games.. but after I've watched it, I have to say - it's not so simple.
"Going Cardboard" touches many deeper subjects, usually not so visible for the board gamers. This movie helps you understand how the board gaming world looks like from behind the scene. I will not write a review of the movie or even try to tell you what games, companies, publishers or persona are mentioned, you will have to see the movie by yourself, as it's worth seeing.

There is no doubt that Lorien Green did something unique here. Making videos, especially review videos is very popular in board gaming, however a documentary is an approach I've seen for first time.

There are two more things worth of mentioning. First of all, my very personal thought and concern: Are there really so few women in the world playing board games? While I've been watching "Going Cardboard" I was actually counting how many women appeared (this are the names which I actually captured while watching: Alison Hansel, Robin Hill, Tery Noseworthy, Sheila Davis) in the movie. I am not a feminist and frankly I do not care if I play board games with men or women. I am just concerned why are women not into board games?

Second of all, something really worth of noticing and mentioning is Lorien Green's extraordinary way of filming and combining all the parts into a whole movie. "Going Cardboard" shows and tells you how the gaming industry evolved in the past years. Personally I would like to see more different games mentioned in the movie, however I understand that this will require a few more years of filming. :)

Thanks for reading and till the next one!

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