Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting report

I cannot even tell you how tired I feel right now, but I cannot help it, I have to share the [good] news with you. The 17 hours of driving accumulated in less than 2 days paid off, we (NSKN) had several meetings with game manufacturers, with the focus on producing our future releases - Exodus, Wild Wild West and a third game which may come as an absolute surprise.

I was worried that we might be forced to make some compromises to fit inside the budget, but I am now confident that we won't have to. I am actually hoping to deliver our games to their fullest potential, with a lot of plastic miniatures and wooden tokens... the whole nine yards.

I would talk more about this, but we (Agnieszka and I) have another 12 hours of driving ahead of us tomorrow. The news are good and the next step is to start showing you what we have planned for Essen 2012 an beyond. The first encounter.... UK Games Expo in Birmingham!

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