Thursday, April 26, 2012

The new NSKN website and the struggle within

We've been silent for a few days now, but it all happened for a reason. The whole NSKN Team was involved in redesigning our company's website. People have been telling us for a while that it was too gray (no worries, now we made it a little bit lighter gray), to hard to see, too... well there were too many "too something", so we heard it and made it better.

It is the same place,, but with a new look. Like everything else that needs to be done fast and well, there are all sort of things happening in the worst and unexpected moments.

Preview of  NSKN Legendary Games new website (main page)

First of all, you may have noticed that we switched to a WordPress platform. This decision was made because no one in our team is an actual web expert and updating the website became a pain in the.. team. We went for an easy solution... or so we thought. This face-lift was planned to last one day. The first day we spend only on choosing a look-and-feel that would satisfy us. The ironic part is that once we chose our winner theme, it turned out that it was not really free (there are about 1500 free WordPress themes). We moved on past this "little" inconvenience and we proceeded to updating the pages, the news, pretty much everything except for the online store which was working just fine.

Early this morning, there came the time to put everything online and to announce the world that we have a new website - that's kind of what I am doing right now. Well, fate or the guys operating the server reserved one last surprise - they went for maintenance about 20 seconds before I started uploading the new files online.

But all that is behind us now, check out our new website and tell us if you like it or not. A preview above.

We  cannot wait to hear your opinions!

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