Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NSKN @ 11 months

NSKN has just celebrated 1 year of existence... wait, we're only 11 months old. So, why the confusion? Now, you may not know, but we're quite an international team and we very rarely manage to meet all together in the same place. Last week we were all together in Bucharest, Romania, just for one day. We seized the moment and bought a cake and a bottle of Champagne and we spent a few hours as friends - a nice alternative to Skype meetings, emails or hour-long phone calls.

Bringing the cake
Feeding the cake :)
We're approaching the 1 year milestone and it is time to see where we stand. You know what they say, the first year is the toughest one and if you survive it, things will slowly fall in place. Most companies end their existence withing the first 12 months from establishment and I am proud to say that we're not one of them.

For the first 11 months of NSKN, I can count one game in stores around the world (27 countries as far as I know) - I am talking about Warriors & Traders of course - and many ongoing projects. Two of them are worth mentioning, since we're already looking for options to produce them. Wild Wild West is a party card game, with a little strategy and a lot of laughter and back stabbing and Exodus: Proxima Centauri is a strategy game with a sci-fi theme and all the ingredients to offer the player a true empire building experience.

We have another three games which we consider "work in progress" and this means that the original prototype was tested and worked, but they still need work, art and more testing. They are our projects for 2013 - 2014.

I guess there's no bigger purpose behind this post other than to say that I am proud of the NSKN Team, we all deserved the cake and I hope this was just the beginning.

NSKN Legendary Games @ 11 months, soon to be 1 year

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