Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part 2: Warriors & Traders vs. Exodus: Proxima Centauri

In my previous article I was writing about the similarities and differences between Warriors & Traders and Exodus. Without further delaying this...

Victory Points and winning the game

Like in many other games, the victory is achieved by gathering Victory Points. This rewards different approaches and strategies and gives an incentive to players to be creative and figure out new ways to outsmart their opponents. Usually the players are more creative than the designers and I already talked to a handful of people who managed to find synergies in Warriors & Traders that I was not aware of.

In Exodus the number of turns is fixed and the player with most points wins at the end of the game, while in Warriors & Traders it is the number of VPs which (if surpassed) causes the game to end. This is all about limiting the game duration, but the two games are similar and they stimulate creativity and allow options for player who find themselves in difficult situations.


Resources are scarce in both game, otherwise managing them would stop being a challenge. Following the same principle, the two games implement it differently. In Warriors & Traders players must choose carefully how to use the few resources they get. In Exodus, the players get to choose how many resources they get and pay tax for it (I promise it is not a communist system ;)). Also, the amount of (good) options to spend resources is so high that players end up making tough decisions. 


Both games are 'powered' by Actions. They give choices to the players, bring things (units, upgrades, etc) in the game and represent the core phase of a turn. But the similarities stop here. In Exodus, the limitations are not given by the rules, but by the amount of resources. Players get to do a lot of extra actions if they're willing to pay for this, while in Warriors & Traders they need to develop to be rewarded with an extra action (and this is usually happening in the mid- or end-game).

Don't judge me too harsh, but I will leave the last part of this comparison for the next article on Tuesday (April 17th). I will talk about the flavor and the theme of the two games and about... one more thing. Stay tuned!


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