Monday, April 30, 2012

POLL (update April'12)

This article is meant to stay alive, we will update it every month with 4 additional poll scores. It will work a little bit like a Poll Archive with the difference that we will actually comment on it ...*cough*rude comments*cough*

As you may have already noticed, we have a new poll on our Blog every week, for the past month. We are asking you questions which tend to split our team into two opposite fronts. Most of the times, when even after a long debate we cannot find a consensus and to agree upon one answer, we let You to decide for us! How cool is this - you are our final vote! (by the way, thanks! - I managed to win twice so far!). Sometimes we are just curious how are things for other gamers and non-gamers, for example we asked you about your favorite playing color - we'd just like to get to know You better!

We hope you like our polls. If you do - thanks and keep up the good work, if you do not - send us your questions and propose the answers and we will* (in 99.99999...%) publish them.

*no curses, no adult content, no personal questions - please (this will be the 0.000...001% out weight for not publishing your question)

Polls from March-April 2012

And here are our polls, from the oldest to the youngest :)

Do you find video reviews useful for learning games?
Really? But really? Nobody thought that video reviews are useful only and only if they are in their native language? Phi! Let me just clarify something for you. Are you most of the times playing board games where the rules are in your native language? If yes (if your answer is always 'no' than you are a Champ! My honest congratulations!), than how do you find the correlation between words..hmm..: Board Game [EN] vs. Gra Planszowa [PL] and this is an easy one! :P

When I play I have to play with my color which is.....
I was disappointed that 'red' did not win, but what can I say, it's your choice!

Wooden tokens vs. plastic miniatures
Ha! The fight was really staunch between "Wood is good as long..." and "Plastic miniatures all the way..."
I would call it even, because let's face it - the best games are the ones which have both of them, a few wooden cubes, cylinders etc. and some great miniatures. This time You voted well! ;)

What is the best name for NSKN's new empire building game?

Ok, at leas this one was easy. The majority voted for Exodus: Proxima Centauri.
And so, Exodus: Proxima Centauri it is! :)

Cheers! Till the next one!

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