Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An expansion for Warriors & Traders

You have been asking for a long time if we were planning an expansion for Warriors & Traders. Today we can finally give a positive answer!

Warriors & Traders has a quite powerful and vocal community of fans in Italy and they were asking for an expansion built especially for them. Since we are starting to build a tradition, going for La Tana Dei Goblin conventions every time there is one, they also got our special attention. This year we will attend LAGNA - best described as a large gathering of people who are friends and play board games together - where we will bring a gift, an expansion designed especially for Italy.

This expansion will contain player aids in Italian, a map of Italy on which Venice, Rome, Sicily or Naples will fight for supremacy and the updated rules translated by Stefano Carluccio.

As soon as the final design will be ready, we will come back with more details and pictures.

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  1. PLEASE do an international version! :-)

  2. Sternenfahrer,

    It would be great to do so! However it will require gamers to voice their needs. :)
    If we will get more requests, for sure we can work something out! Just let us know.