Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Italy map

Just two pictures with the real thing.
This is the map of the Warriors & Traders: Italia expansion!
1. the map
2. the same map, folded 

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen...
a quality check done by the NSKN Legendary Games Agni, Andrei and Florin. The property of Vlad was used in the upcoming pictures, we do not intend to do this amazing quality check on more Warriors & Traders: Italia expansions than this one. 

Do not try it at home. If you will do it anyway, use "Silk" settings on you iron. Nobody and nothing posing for the pictures below has been destroyed, damaged or hurt. And now please: SMILE! 

NSKN approved! 

What are you doing with you board games? We would love to hear your stories. Hmm... Really? No, it cannot be so bad - share with us! :)
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  1. :D this map is amazing . . . brilliant idea guys . . . I can't wait to see it live :P

  2. Thanks Alexandra. Wait till you see it live!

  3. Really a great job, thanks to all of you guys!!!

  4. It's been a pleasure working with and for La Tana dei Goblin. See you soon :)