Thursday, May 10, 2012

The NSKN Boardgames Magazine

Yes, we made it and it's pretty awesome. If you don't believe me, check it out here.

How did we come up with this? Well, I had bookmarked in my "to check how it works list" for a couple of months now. And I also had an ideea that I did not know how to implement. And at some point, these two things met in what I called "academic hipster" which is a page about tools, tips and tricks for young academics writing their thesis (yeah, I am one of those dudes). After this, the ideea of building a NSKN Magazine on came natural.

I love boardgames and Warriors & Traders has been since the begining my beloved nephew (given that Ag&An are it's parents :P ). And you know how aunties are, always braging around about how smart and cute their nephew is :) Therefore, our page will be my new playground. Enjoy it and feel free to come up with suggestions.

Auntie Al.

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