Thursday, May 31, 2012

UK Games Expo - conclusions

Last Sunday was the second (and last) day of the UK Games Expo, an event that I will remember for a long time. It is for sure much less crowded than Essen, but it compensated through people's passion and experience in gaming. 

Glad to have a copy of Warriors & Traders

Warriors & Traders continued stealing the spotlight, we had two sessions with fairly inexperienced gamers and one with people who already knew the game and, to my surprise, they managed to finish the game much faster that it's written on the box.

Sunday session one - concentrated

Sunday session one - view from the top

Wild Fun West had its share of attention on Sunday, with the demo games, both finalized and good feedback. People were asking us what is the plan with this game, do we plan to crowd fund it through Kickstarter or a similar website? The truth is that we haven't yet made our final decision, but were getting much closer now, after seeing the interest of English gamers for this game.

I finally got to explain a game and people seemed to enjoy it

5 minutes later, same smiles, no more explanations. It's that easy to learn!

Playing games, presenting them and talking to people all day long weren't the only things we've done. We have also made new friends or had a chance to catch up with old ones. We got a few visit from those who spotted us at Spiel '11 Essen (where we launched Warriors & Traders) and we talked to some of the VIPs from the community of reviewers.

I got to talk again to Paco and Mark from G*M*S Magazine, a nice face-to-face meeting after having spoken only through Skype, we also met Mr Michael Fox - who said that calling him "Mr" made him sound so important :) - from the Little Metal Dog and I got to see a bit from their first release, called Ace of Spies. Their game is interesting, easy to learn, it was just the limited time and other people at their table that stopped me from playing it.

After a brief discussion online, I also met and had a nice chat with Paul and Quinns from Shut Up & Sit Down. They had just enough time to have a quick demo of Warriors & Traders with Vlad, then I took over and showed them Exodus: Proxima Centauri and Wild Fun West. They are definitely going up on my must watch reviews list.

Last but not least, I had a chance to speak to Sam and his gang from the Purple Pawn. It has been a while since I am reading their website, with a lot of cool info from all over the board games map and now I met them in person. 

For the rest, we met all kinds of star troopers, clones, Jedi knights, some friendly, some willing to shoot anyone crossing their path. Around 4:30, half an hour after closing time, we started packing our things while the last group was still playing Warriors & Traders.


Right after closing time, Warriors & Traders was still going

NSKN Legendary Games - 3 out of 4

Packing after a great weekend

After a long drive through England and France and another 2-hour ferry drive, we finally got back to Brussels, right after sun rise, very tired, but ready to get back to work... a few days later.
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