Saturday, May 26, 2012

UK Games Expo - day 1

I lost my voice! Not so much due to the cold water, but because there were just too many interesting people I could talk to.

A picture of someone taking a picture of a group playing Warriors & Traders

The morning started with a quick demo of Warriors & Traders, followed by a slightly longer one and quite impressive, group that finished a 4-player game in less than 90 minutes. We also got to demo Exodus: Proxima Centauri and introduce a few families to Wild Fun West.

Warriors & Traders at the first table
Exodus at the second table
Speaking just for myself, I had an amazing time making a short video with Paco from GMS Magazine, I enjoyed explaning our new games to people who got everything in a split of second and I met so many nice and interesting people that I even forgot how tired I was. I even got to say "this technology is so bitching cool" or to ask people "so, do you know how the romulans were cloaking their ships in Star Trek?"

I was just asking the Star Trek question
Some people got scared :)
It was a busy day and only in the end we also had a chance to look around a spot a few games for ourselves. Tomorrow we are hoping for the same amazing weather which will bring in more people who want to see the latest in the gaming world.

Some things that drew our attention

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