Thursday, June 7, 2012

Italy, we're coming / Italia, stiamo arrivando

In a few minutes, half of the NSKN team will start driving to Italy, to participate at GobCon - a gaming convention and a gathering of friends.

Being a fairly new publishing company, we have limited experience with gaming conventions, but GobCon is something special, being the first one that we are attending for the second time. I think that says it all about how much we (to be honest, I should say "I", there was only one of us there) loved being there the first time.

As promised, we are bringing along Warriors & Trades: Italia, our very exclusive limited edition expansion, designed especially for this very enthusiastic community and we're also planning to demo Exodus: Proxima Centauri and Wild Fun West.

Speaking of the devil, take a look at the box art work for Exodus... isn't it something?

I just realized this is the first public appearance of Exodus, "dressed" with its final graphics. But now, it is time to start driving. We'll be reporting live from Italy on Saturday!

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