Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reporting live from Bologna

Last night, after a lovely Italian dinner and watching Poland and Greece drawing in the opening match of Euro 2012, we started playing board games. As my good friend Stefano is saying, we gathered here so now "we must play board games and we must like it".

We followed his motto until 4 AM in an epic Game of Thrones (2nd edition) conflict. Having only experienced gamers around the table, I witnessed and lost one of the most strategic and enjoyable games of 2012, especially since we played mostly outdoors enjoying the Italian summer.

Back in the hotel room, we could not help looking on the internet and we saw the message from Paco of G*M*S Magazine who released an unboxing video of Warriors & Traders.

And now, since we must play games and enjoy it, we're going downstairs to explain and play Exodus.

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