Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's so special about board games?

I've seen recently a picture on Facebook that really inspired me. The day-to-day life is somewhat boring if we don't spice it up a little bit. Many say that the little things are the ones that make a difference. Well, for some of us, those little things that make a grey day bright are the board games. 

What brought me in the board games world at first was the amazing combination between having fun and using my brain. It sounds funny, I know, but it is true. Once we graduate from college, most of us get so sucked in the working world and we forget that there are books around - and I am not talking about Freakonomics, C++ or Excel for Dummies - or theater or museums. I know that it happened to me. After a certain age, it become increasingly difficult to keep learning new things, to stay open minded and to use our brains outside work.

This is where the board games come in. If you don't have enough time to go to a museum, or don't want to be alone with a book or cannot afford an evening at the theater, play a board game! There are so many choices, from 20-minutes abstract game to enormous empire building games that take up the whole weekend, there are nowadays more than 10,000 decent (and above) board games on the market and at least 500 new ones get published every year. With this much diversity, it is impossible not to find something you like. So, instead of watching brainless TV, get you friends together, spread a board game on the table, talk, make strategies and enjoy a great time. 

Besides stimulating our brains and the obvious social role, board games stimulate our creativity. I guess that one of the reasons I started developing them instead of just playing. After many evenings of gaming, I realized that there a whole universe that has not been explored yet and there is an infinite number of things that could still find their way inside a game box. So, following the motto from the picture, I dug inside my head and I started putting all the ideas on paper. It turns out that there are a lot, many more that I could ever develop into games. So I must choose and even this little process of deciding what is worth developing and what isn't keeps me thinking.


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