Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why in Italian?

Before being designers or getting involved in the making of board games, we - and I mean all of us from NSKN Legendary Games - are gamers. Simply put, we love to play a game, sometime any game, enjoying an evening between friends. This is something we'll always cherish.

Now you must be wondering why I am telling you this. I have been asked recently what made NSKN decide to make the first expansion for Warriors & Traders in Italian, why not in English, German or even Romanian? 

There is an association of gamers called La Tana dei Goblin in Italy and one special member called Stefano. IT was their idea and they made the push for us to create the expansion Warriors & Traders: Italia. I went in January to their convention in Bologna and I met a lot of great people, I made friends and I played games. It was them end their enthusiasm that made me rush and release this mini-expansion long before it was initially planned.

To sum up, we did it for friendship rather than anything else. We made this expansion for people who love Warriors & Traders and they wanted something more and we would do it again. We are still gamers and as long as we'll have resources we will always support this kind of initiatives.

Plastic wrapped Warriors & Traders: Italia expansion
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