Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Welcome to the NSKN blog! That seems an odd way to start an article after almost one year of online presence. But one year ago, this blog was mainly about Warriors & Traders and things have evolved significantly since then.

Today, NSKN Legendary Games has two projects (obviously board games) that should be finalized before Spiel '12 Essen and a few more upcoming games and expansions. Wild Fun West and Exodus: Proxima Centauri are fully designed and tested and soon they'll have the first contact with the true gaming world on IndieGoGo and for 2013 we have more surprises for you. 

We are no longer wrapped around one game, our first release, we are trying to expand and "attack" more diverse game types. Thus, this blog has become the NSKN Blog and it is time to acknowledge that ... in writing :)

And, to go with this wind of changes, we also updated our logo. It's not yet up on our official website, but this is already work in progress. Here is a sneak peek, just above.

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