Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NSKN @ Spiel Essen

As you might have seen on the NSKN website or might have heard from various other sources, we're going to attend Spiel Essen once again. We received the confirmation a while ago, but caught in the moment with our crowd-funding campaigns for Exodus and Wild Fun West, we forgot to share all the details.

Map of hall 6 - NSKN booth highlighted in green
So, all of you who are going to visit Essen between 18th and 21st of October this year, come by hall 6, booth 205 and meet the NSKN team. We will have there the 'old' Warriors & Traders and at least some demo copies of Exodus and Wild Fun West.

You can play, ask, give feedback, meet the team and get your own games. 

Oh... there might be some of you who don't know what is Spiel Essen. In a nutshell, it's the largest and most important game fair in Europe (and in the world, according to most people), there are thousands of new and/or famous games and around 150000 visitors. All the cool/trendy/famous and underground/heavy/promising games are there. Not to mention the discounts.

See you in Essen!

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