Thursday, September 13, 2012

Warriors & Traders: Italia is coming back

Lately all we've been talking about is Exodus and Wild Fun West, so Warriors & Traders 'felt' a little neglegted. And by this I mean the game's fans, so it was time to bring some good news.

In June this year we announced the first expansion for Warriors & Traders, called Italia, which came with a new map and a layout of the countries that allowed a more interactive game play. We did set any expectations and we only printed a small amount of copies in co-operation with our Italian friends from Tana dei Goblin. The expansions sold out much quicker that we expected and there were still people asking for it.

Yesterday we announced a re-print of Warriors & Traders: Italia, this time in English. It is available for pre-orders on our website, again in a limited run of 40 copies.

The interesting fact is that on BoardGameGeek, the expansion has a much higher rating than the original game and it attracted lately quite some attention. I haven't been able to figure out if it's because of the more intense game-play or simply because it's printed on cotton which gives it a strong dark ages fell, but it makes me (and the whole team) feel really good that the request from people pushed us to do this reprint.
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