Friday, September 7, 2012

Wild Fun West on IndieGoGo

It finally happened! Wild Fun West is live on IndieGoGo!

Since a few minutes ago, our funding campaign on IndieGoGo is up and running. For the next 36 days, everyone who wants to get his hands on this fun, fast paced game is welcome to visit the campaign page and make a contribution. In return, we're offering great rewards, mostly related to Wild Fun West, but we also feature our other games, both released and upcoming.

This is our first attempt at crowd-funding, so we would much appreciate any advice, suggestion, pretty much anything that you think might help the success of our board game.

Check the link and you'll get all the details about the game, our battle-plan, a video preview of Wild Fun West by the Dice Tower - one of the most trusted board game reviewers and ... well everything is in there.

There are ways to contribute even without pledging. If you have friends who like board games, if in your group anyone is looking for a game that plays with many people, please do tell! Spreading the word about our campaign will be of great help and you will have our gratitude.

We'll get back to you with news, do expect more surprises!

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