Friday, October 26, 2012

Between Essen follow-up and Indiegogo

I hate when I cannot keep my promises... About a week ago I promised that all the Exodus game boxes will be shipped by Wednesday and even though no one is holding a gun to my head, I still feel that any promise is binding, so I must say sorry to all those whose games were shipped today or yesterday, after the self-imposed deadline.

Without making a drama out of it, I have to tell you how are these game boxes going from sunny Romania to pretty much everywhere in the world. But I will try to keep it short because there's still a lot of Essen follow-up to do and time is running by.

There's one special person, my father and my associate in NSKN, who's been in charge of shipping all the games.

Every game goes through the same process 
- check that the game box is not damaged
- prepare bubble wrap and ... wrap the game
- form the box (all the boxes come in flat) and close it on one side
- put the game in the box, write the address
- check the address and prepare paperwork for shipping
- take 10 games to the Post Office
- prepare second round of paperwork and seal the box after the clerk confirms that there are no nasty things inside
- get the AWB numbers and put them in the Indiegogo fulfillment Excel file 

Since I promised the shortened version, I will just tell you this much, there's also buying boxes, negotiating at the Post office so they let you send more than 7 games/day, customs, etc.

But there's a happy ending, the games have left and the latest on Monday the last of the boxes will go through customs and then there's only unwrapping and playing left.

Have a good weekend!

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