Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Essen 2012 - day 0

After a two-day drive of over 2200 km, the NSKN team has made it to Spiel 2012 Essen. We had a high-speed flat tire and we survived it, we climbed a really steep hill with over 1100 kilos of games in the back of the van but that was pretty much all the adventure we had before Essen.

Today, we set up our booth and sold the first few games. But it's so much easier if we just let the pictures do the 'talking' and we prepare for the real adventure, Spiel 2012 Essen.

"We should bring along one more guy..."

3 of us sticking a poster on the wall

They made me smile...
The team stopped for a moment to smile at the camera
Ready for day 1

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  1. Bravo, vad ca au ajuns jocurile. Bafta cu expozitia!

  2. I bought the game at Essen and reading through the rules. Thanks to Agnieszka for the great intro to the game. I'll be posting my impressions of this game at Essen on Wednesday on my blog:

    I look forward to conquering my corner of the galaxy.

  3. Wow! I'm blushing right now.. Thank you Michael! I cannot wait to read on Wednesday your blog! Enjoy the game! :)