Sunday, October 14, 2012

New name for our blog

NSKN Legendary Games has evolved past the "one game publisher" status, we now have  three full board games and one expansion in our portfolio. Since Warriors & Traders is no longer our only project, it seemed like a good time to change the name of the blog. Starting now, you can find us at 

We're still very fond of our first creation. Warriors & Traders represents our past and defines what NSKN is today and even though we're trying to bring more varied and better games to the market, we're still opening our W&T box every now and then and fight to conquer Europe.

As soon as we changed the address of the blog, the old one is no longer available. We've been trying to redirect, but it's not working. We apologize in advance to all of you who will have a hard time finding us and we're hoping that you'll still follow our blog.

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Warriors & Traders can also be found on its own website | Blog | Facebook |  BoardGameGeek
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  1. Who came up with the designs for the ships?

  2. The plastic ships are commercial (not our design), the ship blueprints are made by Maria Marin, one of our two graphic artists

  3. Those plastic ships are from the miniatures game Silent Death. You are in all likelihood violating a copyright with your use of these in your game. You could be in for a wild legal ride.

  4. Dear Delthos and nvdoyl,

    Please be so kind and contact us directly on the email, as I would like to understand what is your point.