Friday, November 2, 2012

Lucca Comics & Games - day 1

The amount of people per square meter in Lucca exceeded by far that in Essen, which was a pretty big surprise for us, being the first time in the most important gaming convention in Italy.

We played a lot today, we have several (no one kept track) demos of Exodus and a few of Wild Fun West and Warriors & Traders. The last Italia expansion is officially sold and so are all the Warriors & Traders we brought to Italy.

Just before 9 AM, the opening hour

The first Exodus session 

Stefano explaining games

The second Exodus session, from here on we didn't keep track

Paying attention at Wild Fun West

A queen!

Winning Wild Fun West

"Oh noooo! My army starved..."

Yes, it was this crowded

A new thing for me happened today, I participated on behalf of NSKN at a sharing session about crowd-funding and I must admit I was a little stressed taking into account that the last time I spoke in front of a crowd was more than 8 years ago. The interest of people in crowd-funding was high and there were some interesting ideas that popped up, but this is a topic for an entirely new article.

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