Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lucca Comics & Games - day 2

The second day in Lucca Comics & Games started quite slowly, we had only one demo before mid-day and Exodus had the biggest audience. After an early lunch, the halls got really crowded and we sold-out Warriors & Traders (one last copy left from yesterday), then I gave away my only copy of Warriors & Traders: Italia and we continued playing Warriors & Traders even though people saw that there were no more copies available.

Wild Fun West was a bit left aside today since the table was constantly occupied by our other two games, but tomorrow we plan to bring it back to the spotlight.

As always, an image is worth a thousand words...

First session - Exodus as always 
People dressed as Mongolians

This was the day of costumes, the guy in the military suit also had a gas mask

Decision time @ second session of Exodus

As crowded as it can get... until Saturday

Bidding for the political decision in Exodus

The two guys who completely wiped out my country in Warriors & Traders

There are still 2 days left! Come and join us!
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