Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warriors & Traders

You must be wondering what is Warriors & Traders...

Well, it's a board game, but not just any board game! Right, everyone says so about their own games, it's the best, the coolest. Well, it is right. Let's just look at the facts! First of all, it is a pure strategy game, that means that there is no luck involved, no dice, no unforeseen events, it is just you against your opponents, starting with the same armies, resources and it is only up to you to outwit them. Warriors & Traders is a game where one has to plan ahead, to develop a strategy to defeat the others or buy out their good will.

Second of all, it is interesting! The universe of Warriors & Traders is set in the Dark Ages of Europe and you will choose a country to grow into a great empire. You will raise large armies to battle your enemies, develop your economy and trade for resources, all for one final purpose, the final victory.

Last but not least, Warriors & Traders is fun! There are a lot of interactions between players, you can negotiate with your gaming partners during the trade phase, discuss your plans and strategies, declare war and settle for peace. It's a game where promises are made and broken, where you can play in a powerful alliance or face everyone on your own and enjoy every bit of your time.

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