Sunday, October 2, 2011

The games have arrived

It all started one and a half years ago with a dream and now it's stone cold reality! The games are in the NSKN warehouses and ready to be delivered to our first customers.

Making the games was much more than a game, it involved hard work, imagination, patience and more hard work. The last step was to bring the games from our partners in Germany who physically produced the games to our storage places in Belgium and Romania.

This was supposed to be an easy task, we had everything arranged way ahead of time and it was not the best time for surprises. But life has its own twisted sense of humor... Just a few hours before the pick-up time, the transport company who was responsible to load a full 20 tons truck of games for Romania cancelled on us and another two hours later the van for transporting to Belgium became unavailable.

With a supreme effort of calling, begging and threatening, we managed to limit the delay to only 24 hours. Calling almost every single transport company in Belgium and Romania, we found our salvation. Last Wednesday, in a foggy German morning one truck and one van were loading all the brand new boxes of Warriors & Traders and just yesterday everything arrived without further events in our warehouses.

It looks like every part of the making of these games has its own story to tell and we're hoping for more stories, happy ones from the people who will very soon enjoy our games.


  1. Hi Dears,

    It came to my mind that maybe we should make a Warriors and Traders evenings at our place. Let's say - Thursdays? Fridays? hmm...
    Personally, I am a proud owner of 3 boxes (I do not actually need all 3 to play, but as now games are cheaper to get and Christmas are coming... ;) ) I would love to play it with a great, smart company of people with passion.

  2. I'm going to have the first W&T evening at my place this Saturday. Will get back with details and pictures.