Saturday, November 17, 2012

The availability of Exodus and Wild Fun West

It's been almost one month since we have launched Exodus and Wild Fun West and I know that there are many people who are waiting impatiently for the games to reach the local stores.

Part of our work in Essen was to find new or better distribution channels and expand the network of stores carrying our games and we are now able to present 'touchable' results. First of all, most of our distribution partners from last year have agreed to continue working with us, so you can expect to see the two new games in the same hobby stores where Warriors & Traders is/was present.

I guess that the most important news is that we have reached an agreement for distribution in Germany with one of the most respected and appreciated distribution companies in the hobby world, Heidelberger Spieleverlag. They have agree to carry all of our board games and they're already available for retailers in the German speaking world and beyond.

The other good news is for our fans and customers in Asia. BoardM has taken Wild Fun West for retail and distribution in Korea and Swan Panasia has taken even more copies for distribution in Taiwan and the Greater China region.

Our work of widening the distribution network for Exodus and Wild Fun West are still ongoing, being our main focus for the rest of the year. We are not neglecting Warriors & Traders either and we're trying to get it in more stores around the world. We're hoping that by the end of next week we can bring more good news about the availability of our games.

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  1. Looking for US distribution? Bigger distributors difficult to work with? I'd like to recommend

  2. Thanks for the info, we'll check them out. So far we're working in US with ACD and Alliance, so I think the coverage is pretty good