Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The road to HELL

I've been to Hell and I have pictures to prove it!

The sign to HELL

It has not been the first time that, on my way from Romania to Poland or back I found directions to Hell on a road indicator, but this time I decided to follow up and see what is this all about.

I stopped and I took a picture of the indicator while the other drivers were just rushing by, some of them looking strangely at the guy who was taking pictures with the HELL sign at dawn. Then I went on to see where the road leads. It turns out, it does lead to HELL, which is a mystery surrounded place where a bunch of people make... energy drinks!

HELL is an... energy drink!?!

While I was parked in front of HELL taking a few more pictures, a bodyguard came towards me looking angry (this is what most guard do) and shouting "no picture, no picture". I hid my camera and luckily my engine was still on, so I pushed the acceleration and steered away on the gravel before having to answer any questions about photographing a factory at dark and industrial espionage. But I can offer everyone directions to HELL, now that I've been there.

As it turns out, the dark spells from HELL worked. For the first time in my life saw the screen of the camera saying "Card full" (16 GB, not used in at least half a year), so most of my work trying to present hell to the world was lost.

Oh, did I mention that this post has nothing to do with board games? No? Well, here we go... Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with board games! If you agree, keep on reading!

Where was I? Oh ,yes, the location, so... the last thing worth mentioning is that HELL is in Hungary. For those feeling a bit too Romanian this is a funny fact while for the rest of the world is just ... a fact.

The conclusion is that HELL is not so bad, I pass by, nothing spectacular, I even stopped to take pictures and I am still all right, even at dawn it was no so scary.

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