Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exodus Upgrade Pack

I will keep this short and simple... There are many people who bought, unboxed and played Exodus: Proxima Centauri. Recently we have developed the Revised Edition of this amazing game, without forgetting all of you who own the first edition. As a sign of appreciation, we made the Upgrade Pack which allows a transformation of the first edition into the Revised Edition

Without further introduction, we invite you to visit the preorder page where you will find all the details and we also welcome any comments, questions and opinions.

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  1. congratulations for this initiative! I don't own the first version of the game, we look at lucca comics & games 2013 in order to buy the new box exodus: proxima centauri revisited edition!!!

  2. thank you. we won't make it to lucca this year, but we will be in essen ;)

  3. I am sorry not to see you this year in Lucca: do you think I can still find your game(Exodus Proxima centauri R.E.) on sale in Lucca?

  4. I believe you will, but we can't make any promises