Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spiel Essen - day -2 - playing and preparing

Spiel '13 Essen in only two days away, but I guess that's old news for the true gamers. For the past weeks we've been doing nothing but preparing and yesterday we finally arrived to Germany to have a team reunion.

The top priority was to... play! I know, what else a bunch a gamers could do? This is what happened...

Perfect Storm was the game of our choice.
Throw in some food and beer and you have the recipe for a fun evening 

This is how Perfect Storm looks from the top, and this is still a prototype

Oh yes, before playing we went to IKEA and bought a shark

...and figured out to get the shark involved in the game
After a 10-hour drive from Poland, that's all we could handle for one night. We had a quick sleep - this is what Essen in about in the end, playing rather than sleeping - and woke up eager to play more.

It's a new day, let's keep on playing. These are the available choices, but how to decide?

Did I mention that we also had cats? So why not let them decide for us...

Eisenhower (that's the name of the black cat) was less than interested.
We decided to go for Praetor. But that's a story for tomorrow.
That is how the story of NSKN at Spiel '13 started. We invite you to visit our website and get the latest info.

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