Friday, December 6, 2013

Live from Spiel Essen and Exodus makes it to Tom Vasel's top 100 games of all times

Spiel Essen is already fading from our memory and yet we find every day something from this amazing event which makes us smile.

G*M*S Magazine has interviewed us during Spiel Essen and while I must say that my English sounds a lot better in my mind than on tape, it's still cool to see the outcome. Just jump to minute 49:05 and watch us go wild.

On a different note, we've just discovered that Tom Vasel has included Exodus: Proxima Centauri in his Top 100 games of all time, the 2013 edition. At the time of shooting the video, he had not opened the Revised Edition, so the ranking is based solely on the first edition of the game. Again, jump to minute 5:42 and see what Tom, Sam and Zee have to say about Exodus...

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