Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Latest confirmation and a big thank you to Korea

A board game is in a way like a soldier at war, it's skills and value are tested over and over again and only the strongest will survive. If soldiers risk their lives, board games have their reputation to put on the line. Every time someone talks about a board game it represents a small victory or a small failure. Like one day on a battlefield. But there are also big battle and losing too many of them may put one down while winning lots of them means winning the war.

Just yesterday Praetor has won its first major battle in its quest to conquer the world (of board gaming of course). For the past 30 days Praetor has been looking for the support of Korean gamers, looking to raise critical mass. And it did! 

Praetor is officially funded and we can confirm that there will be a Korean version of the game, published by NSKN Games and Board M.

In short, Praetor raised more than 11.5 million Korean Won which is a little more than 10,000 US dollars. Taking into account the size of the market, the competition and the target audience, our partners from Board M have all the reasons to be proud. We are proud of them and with them and we are hoping that Praetor will only be the first from a long list of titles from NSKN Games which will stir the interest of the awesome Korean gamers.

We are thanking all those involved and promise to make our best efforts to deliver as soon as possible.

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