Friday, April 18, 2014

The name of the game (part 2)

EDIT: Thank you all for voting, sharing and commenting, we've got everything we needed to make the best decision.

In my previous post I was asking for your help to brainstorm for an appropriate name for the upcoming board game from NSKN Games.

Philosophy - Artwork

We gathered your brilliant ideas on BoardGameGeek, on Facebook and here. In only two days we've got 111 possible names. We chose our top 9 and now we are asking you one more time to provide valuable input.

Thermodynamics - Artwork

Last but not least, we are wishing you all a Happy Easter!

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  1. The one name I would specifically recommend against, is Legacy of Time.

    1. We also have noticed increasing number of games with "legacy" in the title published last year. However let's wait and see... it is still a cool option :)

  2. 'evolution', 'ascent', 'civilization',.... I think those words are also appeared too frequently.

    So I voted 'Heritage' :-)