Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A story in pictures - releasing Praetor in Eastern Europe

There are certain strings attached when you produce a board game in many languages. One of the nicest strings is releasing the game and putting a smile on people's faces. This is petty much what we've done for the past two weeks.

On May 17th Praetor was officially released in Romania with 6 events organized by Lex Games. I was honored to be part of one event, at the CBG store in Bucharest...

Thinking their way to victory

... and having fun.

Sometimes checking the rule book is not such a bad idea

...and in the end you win the lottery and get your free, signed copy.

Meanwhile, Praetor is also officially released in Poland. Granna, our Polish language partner organized everything and Agnieszka was thereon behalf of NSKN Games to present the game and give the necessary explanations and... interviews.

Praetor - from hexes to squares

and from a gamer's game to a family game

Fun and strategy at any age.

The road to fame... talking about board games for the Polish national radio.

And that's not all... Sometimes it's good to mix business and pleasure, so I could not help showing our future Kickstarter, Progress: Evolution of Technology to a group of friends and have just a bit more feedback. On a completely different topic, this is yet another one of my games which I can (almost) never win.

A group of gamers and amazing friends playing Progress: Evolution of Technology.

"I've just discovered Medicine!"

And, to nobody's surprise, the only girl in our group
developed the most advanced civilization and won. 

Stick around, in just a few days we'll tell you all about our adventure at the first Romanian dedicated board gaming convention.

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