Thursday, September 4, 2014

The progress of ... Progress

When we started our first Kickstarter project in June 2014, we assumed very bold deadlines, some considered by many almost impossible to keep. Today we are proud to announce that we have managed to abide to our promise and we have already moved past the most difficult of all deadlines - the end of the production process for Progress: Evolution of Technology.

The sleepless nights adding up to many week of hard work have finally paid off. It wasn't only the NSKN Games team who contributed to this first major milestone on the road to a successful board game, it has been a group effort of almost 2000 people.

The first we would like to mention are our amazing Kickstarter supporters who have turn making Progress: Evolution of Technology into a great experience, the manufacturer and their team who kept strict deadlines and showed great professionalism, our artists, play-testers and friends who showed us a great deal of support since this board game was a just a concept.

With the first copy in our hands and, trembling with emotion (this is why some of the pictures are a little shaky) we opened up the game and took photos. Here is the outcome...

Progress: Evolution of Technology in shrink

Shrink torn, uncovering the game components

Box, lithograph, punchboards...

Everything but the cards and cubes, spread on the table

The components of Progress, waiting to be unpacked and punched out

275 cards surrounded by other game pieces

Decks of cards: Ages I-IV, Personalities, Milestones, Info cards

Age I technologies

Age II


Age IV

Info cards (sides), Milestones (top), Personalities (bottom)

Knowledge tokens, very easy to remove from their punchboard

Action tokens and VP tokens - KS exclusives in and out of their punchboard

Fresh boards

Just as easy to punch out as the rest of the tokens

100 wooden cubes ready to take their place on/in the player boards

The tech tree (front and back)

Inside of the rules

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