Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Come see us at the UK Games Expo!

It's the fourth time NSKN Games will take part in UK Games Expo in Birmingham, and we'd be very happy to see as many of you, as humanly possible! So, if you're attending this spectacular gaming event, we will be there between 29th and 31st of May 2015. And here's a quick rundown of all the legendary stuff we'll be bringing:

1. The first few copies of Exodus: Edge of Extinction - all fresh from the printer, still hot and waiting just for you!
2. The final prototype of Mistfall, our most recent and most sucessful Kickstarter up to date. There is still some waiting for the final game ahead, but if you want to see and touch a (near) final copy, there will be not better chance than now.
3. A prototype of Simurgh, a new game by Pierlucca Zizzi. So, if you want to see some dragon breeding goodness, and experience our new title due for Essen Spiel 2015, don't miss this chance!

Oh, and that is not all! We will have demo tables for our earlier releases, so you'll be able to build an ancient city in Praetor, guide your own civilization in Progress, Evolution of Technology, compete for the title of master builder of the legendary Versailles, or try out the base game of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, in its formidable, revised edition.

So, don't be shy. Come, join us, and see you in Birmingham!
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