Friday, March 9, 2012

Why our tokens smell like pizza

When we have to decide between chinese food and pizza in a gaming evening, we always pick pizza. If you imagine that we are a bunch of pizza freaks then you're most likely wrong. But we love pizza in our twisted way, it comes in card board boxes that can be recycled and used for our prototypes.

Almost over night, game design changed our behavior from passive recyclers to active recyclers. We do not just have a throwing rule for plastic and cardboard, each in separate bins, but we also have a keeping rule - whatever can be used in the near future for testing a new prototype or improving an old one stays!

After - The newest prototype
Imagine now how much pizza we had to eat for the 15 versions of Warriors and Traders. No wonder some of us are on diet all the time except for the gaming evenings, when pizza becomes a part of our "job-description".

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