Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Essen loot

I cannot believe it's been already two months, well almost two months since we went to Essen. Right after we came back - and by we I mean the NSKN people and our friends who helped us - we divided the games and each of us took his.

However, this is what Agnieszka and I managed to get just for ourselves. I was telling people that I exceeded by far mu budget for board games for the whole year, so this is why...

Essen 2012 loot

All these games made a nice addition to our collection and we're trying to give each and every one of them a chance to hit our gaming table.

I can tell you so far that I had many good surprises, like ViavaJava - The Coffee Game and Kosmonauts and that there was only one game that was a really disappointing, but I won't mention its name since there are people I know who like it.

Overall, this was a good year, we managed to increase our collection and now we're playing and gaining more experience for our games to come.

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