Thursday, December 20, 2012

Praetor - first pictures and details about the workers

I was telling you some time ago about a Euro-game to be from NSKN, called Praetor. Today I have the first pictures with the prototype and a few more details about the game.

Let's start from the... end. This is a city built by 2 players. The Green and the White were competing to become Praetor and the Green player succeeded.

You can see the city tiles with property markers on them, the Caesar tiles on the left, representing demands from the empire, the two player boards at the bottom and the workers on the map.

The end of a 2-player game
The city
City detail with workers

City detail and the happiness track

The special thing about these workers is that they gain experience with almost every action they take. A more experienced worker will bring you more resources or more Prestige points, becoming increasingly efficient, but they end up retiring and from that point on they will just consume your food.

The workers are represented by dice! A worker starts with 1 experience and he will grow to a maximum of 4 before retiring. There are ways to make your workers stay active longer by building a Clinic or Public Baths in your part of the city.

The rules of the prototype are almost final and we'll proceed to testing soon. So, stay around for more Praetor news before the end of this year.

Happy holidays!
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