Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Middle Ages

Warriors & Traders: Middle Ages is the name of the new expansion for Warriors & Traders!

We've been already working on this for a while and it will be ready just in time to show a prototype in the Nurnberg game fair. The rules are not released yet, but you can take a look at the new player boards and have at least an idea of how will the expansion change the base game.

To shed a bit more light, here is a passage from the new rules:

Warriors & Traders: Middle Ages is an expansion which requires the base game Warriors & Traders. The rest of these rules will refer to the game and the expansion as a whole. This expansion may be combined with the Warriors & Traders: Italia expansion and with any other map expansion that has been or will be released. Specific rules may apply.

The Middle Ages expansion enhances Warriors & Traders by offering more interaction between players in the form of trade negotiations, military campaigns and peace resolutions. The new features include variable turn order and variable player power. The existing features, area control, action selection and trading are also improved. The deterministic combat system is replaced by a more attractive tactical combat system.

In a nutshell, the expansion will bring new rules for play preserving most the original concepts, it will come with new player board and info board and it will introduce a new combat system. 

We'll come back more news, including game images, before the end of the month.

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