Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Convention report - live from Nürnberg

The Nürnberg Toy Fair is the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe and most likely in the world. It brings together companies specialized in toys, sport articles, miniatures and last but not least board games.

Unlike the other conventions we attended, the Toy Fair is not about playing or selling board games. It’s a trade fair where the big names in the toys and hobby industry show to distributors and retailers their latest creations.

For those who attended SpielEssen at least once and had the impression that it’s huge, well… this is several times bigger. There are 12 halls populated with stands ranging from 10 to hundreds of square meters and some of the exhibitors have brought really fancy stuff to show. The most striking item I have seen so far is an artificial waterfall.

I’ve told you all these apparently meaningless facts to emphasize the size of this fair. I must admit that I am proud to represent NSKN at this enormous exhibition and I must also confess that even before it started I feel a bit overwhelmed. The hall dedicated to board games (10.1) is one of the smallest in the fair and our booth is only 10 sqm. It definitely shows that we’re a growing company. But the important thing is that we are here and we’re hoping that our presence will not go unnoticed.

Our single aim here in Nürnberg is to gain awareness. We want to show our games directly to those who are able to bring to the stores closest to you. We have more than 30 confirmed meetings and at least that many with a good probability of happening, most of them with distributors and retailers.

The plan is simple, we will advertise Exodus and Wild Fun West, two board games which were pre-released in Essen 2012 but were originally scheduled for 2013. But that’s not all. We’re trying to test the market for the games we have planned for this year. There’s an expansion for Warriors & Traders called Middle Ages, there an expansion for Exodus and a brand new game that I’ve already mentioned, Praetor. And even this is not all, we’re also planning to license a computer game which we want to transform into a table-top, but since none of these are confirmed I prefer not to disclose more details now.

All in all, we have lots of plans, but our expectations are not set too high, we’re aware that this is a beginning for us and that we have a lot to learn.

To end on a positive note, we have good news for those who living in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway). We reached a distribution agreement and Exodus and Wild Fun West will be in Nordic stores in a few weeks.

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