Monday, February 11, 2013

Convention report - Nürnberg Toy Fair

One week ago Nürnberg hosted the largest toy fair in Europe and NSKN was present for the first time. We went there with little understanding of the event, knowing that unlike Spiel Essen, this will not be open to the general public. The only attendees were the "traders", company representatives from all over the world on the hunt for novelties from the toy and hobby industry.
NSKN booth before the opening hours
The space allocated to board games was limited, there were at best 20 publishers, but there was heavy representation from the manufacturing companies and other adjacent businesses. We're trying to improve the quality of our board games, so we had a lot of meetings with specialized companies from Poland, Germany, China and Russia trying to find the best compromise between price and quality.

Zvezda - Russian manufacturer of miniatures
Trefl - Polish manufacturer of board games and puzzles
For us, the main focus was to expand our distribution network. We scheduled several meeting before the fair and we had many more impromptu meetings with results above our expectations. 

It would take to long go through every relevant experience in Nürnberg, but we can sum up the immediate results. We had the pleasure to meet Bergsala Enigma, the largest distributor of board games in Scandinavia and as of this week all our title will be once again in stores across Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we reached a new agreement with GTS Distribution from USA so that NSKN games will reach even more hobby stores overseas and we're going to have direct distribution in Canada.

Bergsala Enigma - our Scandinavian distributor
We have also established new contacts in France, Italy, Poland or the Netherlands and these days we're following up attempting to get our games to those countries where we have a smaller presence on the market.

All in all, the Toy Fair was a corporate event, everyone dress accordingly and not so typical for the board games world. As a games I found a few interesting board games for the future, but not even close to the number of cool title you can find in a dedicated event. As a publisher, this fair is a must go event, since all the important names in the industry come by to search for opportunities. 

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