Monday, June 9, 2014

Progress: Evolution of Technology

Our latest game design, Progress: Evolution of Technology has been on Kickstarter for 5 days and it is already over 200% funded!

We would like to say a big Thank you to all of you who have already supported our project and we promise to keep adding interesting stretch goals!

It's now time to shed some light on the development process of Progress: Evolution of Technology, the path we walked for the past two years which led to the game we're happy to present today.

The first version of Progress was massive, it had more than 500 cards. Each of the three gaming groups which tested it gave the same feedback, with different words, "the game is great, but it's too long. You designed a game and several expansions".

We did not give up and after a few months of polishing the game, we came with a solution which made the game customizable and versatile. We split the Progress universe and its concepts into a base game and several expansions.

The base game covers three technology types - Culture, Engineering and Science - and three ages - the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The game play is quite fast, averaging 20 minutes per player and the game mechanism are simple without sacrificing the game complexity. The major mechanics are hand management and action selection. The players interact through the discard piles and by competing on the Power tracks for supremacy. 

The Personalities are a mini-expansion which add speed to the game play and one special mechanic - the Heritage system in which a player has the option to choose between a steady small bonus and a one-time larger bonus. 

The second mini-expansion is made out of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Milestones. These are additional cards featuring significant achievements of humanity. They introduce some more player interaction as players will be able to reach them together (or separately, but through larger effort).

The next expansion we planned was the Industrial Age (IV). This new age will add a few more concepts into the game, mostly related to scoring. 

Age V (Modern Days) continues on the same line, allowing scoring of majorities on types of technologies and on knowledge. Both these expansion of Progress add technologies vertically. 

Another way we expanded the game is horizontally, adding two more technology types - Military and Government. They will bring more player interaction. Players will be able to copy technologies from each other, race towards short term goals, trade abilities for new ones, etc. They will also be new ways to manipulate the draw decks and discard piles.

Of course, we have also prepared the Ages IV and V for Government and Military tree, to have a complete 5 (ages) x 5 (types of technologies) massive civ card game. We are trying to make some of the expansions playable as stand alone games, to still appeal to those of you who want to play a fast game.

There have been rumors about some elusive Ages VI (Near Future) and VII (Far Future). There's a degree of truth in these rumors, we are working on Age VI and dong our research for age VII.

In the spirit of full disclosure, each expansion increases the game time. We are looking for solutions to keep the down time between turns as small as possible and to introduce abilities which trigger on other players' turns. 

We hope that this short peak into the future of the Progress universe satisfied your curiosity and we're here to answer any questions you may have.

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