Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few thoughts after a successful Kickstarter campaign

Two days ago our first Kickstarter campaign for Progress: Evolution of Technology has ended. The results exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank once again all our supporters - people who trusted us and helped bringing this project to life - as well as Richard Ham and Lance Myxter for reviewing Progress.

We have raised 95,000 dollars reaching an amazing 500% of the funding goal, while unlocking no less than 19 stretch goals.

The messages we received and the comments were overwhelmingly positive and thus the expectations are now very high. We would like to savor this moment just a while longer, but the truth is that we don't have much time for gazing. 

These days the focus is entirely on the production process. Our promised deadline is October 2014, which leaves little room for delays. We want to establish a pattern in living up to our promises, which right now translates into delivering to 1980 backers their rewards on time.

Even though Exodus: Proxima Centauri has undergone a crowd-funding process itself, having a game on Kickstarter was a completely new experience. We have learned a lot, faced a whole palette of new challenges and started a whole new direction for NSKN Games.

Even though most of our upcoming titles will no go through Kickstarter, we've gained the confidence that we can present our most special titles to you directly and gain your support. 

While Progress: Evolution of Technology  has been the focal point for NSKN Games and our fans for the past three week, we're not forgetting about our other titles. Just recently our friends have discovered Praetor in game stores in France and Poland in the largest local network of book stores.

Praetor in Empik

Last but not least, our success on Kickstarter caught the attention of the business magazines in Romania and just today Progress was featured in an article.

Article about Progress: Evolution of Technology in Ziarul Financiar

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