Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A busy summer

A few week have already passed since our Kickstarter campaign for Progress: Evolution of Technology finished. We have been relentlessly working on the final files for production and this cause our week of silence. Now this silence is over because the manufacturing process has starter and we're glad to announce that everything we planned is still on schedule.

The tech tree file for approval
Our Kickstarter project has drawn quite some media attention and for those of you who can speak Romanian, here is an article in one of the most popular Romanian newspapers about Progress and the Polish-Romanian team who managed to pull this off.

Agnieszka and Andrei on the cover of the article in "Gandul"
The ink has barely settled on the first print run of Praetor - this is a slight exaggeration, of course - and we're already preparing a second print run in English. The original 7500 copies are in stores around the world, according to our estimation currently in 33 countries on 5 continents.

On Wednesday evening (8:00 PM EST) we will hang out with Ryan from Cardboard Republic talking about Praetor and the future plans of NSKN Games. You are welcome to join us...https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c5k4dqtbjinsljdnh9j3ebfj3qk

Last but not least, about one month ago during TIG Con we had an interview with our Bulgarian friends from the most popular local blog. No need to get scared, all the questions and answers are also in English...

And for those of you who do speak Bulgarian, here is the link to the local article

Oh... since we haven't spoken about Exodus in a while, a friend has found it in a games store window in Utrecht, the Netherlands, surrounded by quite some other impressive titles...

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