Monday, December 1, 2014

Exodus: Edge of Extinction and a video

On behalf of the whole NSKN team I would like to thank every one of you who took the time to help us find a great name for our upcoming Exodus expansion. Whether it was a vote, an opinion, a piece of feedback or a proposal for the name itself, this could not have happened without you. So a big thank you for transforming the Exodus expansion into Exodus: Edge of Extinction.

We had five proposals on the table and one of them stood out, both here - on the NSKN Game blog poll - and on BoardGameGeek. While you were casting your votes, we had a 'secret' internal meeting and everyone in the team also favored this cool name. So, with this much harmony we will proceed to create online material for Exodus: Edge of Extinction and keep working on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

While we were busy looking for a name, our artists kept on working so that today we can show you 3 pieces of the final artwork...

On a completely unrelated topic, you can have a look at an interview recorded at Spiel 2014 by Paco from G*M*S Magazine with Agnieszka and Andrei, talking about the current and future games from NSKN.

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  1. Expansion for Exodus ...
    Expansion for Progress ...
    Two other titles, including Mistfall ...

    So much good stuff!

  2. Have been unable to find the revised edition :(

    Will it be reprinted or is a third edition in the works?

  3. The revised edition together with the expansion will be reprinted this year following a Kickstarter campaign this month.

  4. Amazing, never played it until a few days ago at a friend and it's a great game, I'd really like in my collection :-)

  5. Glad to hear! Keep in touch with us (e.g. you can subscribe to our newletter on and we'll post everywhere when the KS goes live. Thanks!