Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mistfall: The Shieldbearer

After taking a look at the history of the world of Mistfall and a short trip to the Valskyrr, it is finally time for the first Hero to enter the stage. For all those putting their faith in the simple and straight blade of the long sword and for all those who believe that courage and sturdy shield is all one needs to fend off their enemies, let us introduce the Shieldbearer.

Art by Enggar Adirasa

Shieldbearers of Frostvalley


For over a hundred years the Frostvalley Keep has stood as an unbreakable wall against the waves of beastmen and undead creatures trying to invade the southeastern regions of the Valskyrr. Among its many defenders, the Misthunters and Shieldbearers have been known to not only stand on the walls in perpetual vigil, but also help those in need, often lost far in the Mist-ridden lands.

Descended straight from the resilient warriors of old, the Shieldbearers serve both as dauntless sentinels of Frostvalley Keep, and as the protectors of all who ever pass through the stronghold’s gate. Their martial prowess and toughness made them almost legendary, with the Shieldbearers’ unflinching courage in the face of any foe reminding the inhabitants of Valskyrr that the white bear crest on a thick shield always brings hope to those pursued by the Mists.

Fengray son of Orm


Fengray was born in the shadow of Frostvalley Keep, a first-born son to a weaponsmith father and a Shieldbearer mother. From the day he first laid his eyes on a Shieldbearer’s gear, he knew that one day he would carry the Bearshield to protect those in need – his sisters and brothers, his companions and the common folk trying to make a living in their cold and unforgiving homeland. Now, well over three decades later, he is among the most renowned of Frostvalley’s sentinels.

Like many Shieldbearers, Fengray has been schooled in the craft of martial combat and taught to always lend his strength to those weaker than him. Ever ready to face the enemy, fiercely loyal to his friends and companions, Fengray has prevailed through many battles and skirmishes. Always ready to venture forth with his companions, he has proven his value both as a Shieldbearer, and as a friend to all those who accompany him.

Fengray as Player Character


With supreme defence and an ability to fell even the toughest of enemies, Fengray is a great choice for all those playing Mistfall for the first time. The abilities that allow him to withstand a lot of punishment (or protect others from excessive damage) and still be able to deal significant damage, also make him a natural choice for those who wish to explore the world of Mistfall alone.

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