Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An expansion for Exodus - V. Sirius Theocracy

With Spiel Essen out of the way, our focus is back on Exodus: Proxima Centauri. The long awaited expansion is our current top priority project and things are looking good. The prototype is ready and the we have a play testing session at the end of this week.

Since the major feature of this expansion is the asymmetric game play, let's start talking about the different factions in Exodus... today, the Sirius Theocracy. First, the technologies...

The Sirius Theocracy is a faction with a unique way to control the political aspect of the game and new means to assert domination - scoring VP from turn order cards and laws on the table. Their cunning political abilities are doubled by the clone factories which allow a quick spread of population across planets and the tachyon scanners providing an early advantage in combat.

The Lord has always provided, the Lord has brought us from the malice and destruction of Old Earth, and the Lord will bring us into a better future and this new world of His, before our lost Eden is once more restored to us. And when we return, we will rule it in His name.

The roots of what is known today as the Sirius Theocracy stem from the southern part of the former United States of America and northern territories of Mexico. Bound together by a mutual belief in a higher power watching over them, the Sirians believe that their destiny life both with Gaia, their new world, and Earth, were they are planning to return to rebuild and restore its former glory.

Although the Sirius Theocracy is unified by an idea of a benevolent deity being their creator and protector, perceiving them as simple minded religious fanatics would be a grave mistake. Members of the Sirius Theocracy are known as true masters of politics: they are cunning and deceptive, often hiding their true agendas behind an image of zealots driven solely by religious beliefs.

The immutability often associated with any societies bound by religious belief has never stopped the Sirians from committing to scientific research, allowing them to not only be the first to master human cloning, but to spearhead any new research in this field and become the only faction able to construct cloning factories not only on their home planet, but also on any world they decide to incorporate.

The leaders of Sirius Theocracy know that their power lies in their ability to exert political influence, so they are more eager to choose diplomatic solutions over open warfare. However, they do not shy away from armed conflicts when peaceful options are exhausted or when openly provoked. Although not as skillful in combat as in politics, they are still a formidable force one should never disregard.

We will continue our detailed presentation of the expansion next week with the Arctic Dominion. Stay in touch and get the latest updates on the Exodus expansion by signing up to our newsletter at www.nskn.net.

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  1. Will you reprint the core set?

  2. Probably yes, depending on the demand we have for the games. For the moment there are core sets in stores in the USA, but none in Europe, so we'll most likely have to reprint.

    1. Thanks

      Yes, I looked for it in every european stores I found and nothing, so I'll be waiting for the reprint and for the expansion, since the shipping from the US is more expensive than the game itself.

    2. We'll do our best to make the base game available together with the expansion.

  3. These technologies are amazing! I can't wait to see what the other factions will be like.

    1. Every week we will present one of them,so the waiting will be short :)

    2. When is this tentatively scheduled to hit Kickstarter?